Monday, March 31, 2014

Lot 5 Unstoppable x Maine/Angus

This is one of the steer lots that is very special. OYE Limmy or Ft Worth, Georgia/Alabama. This one will be competitive anywhere he ends up.

Lot 10 Man Among Boys x Irish Whiskey/Angus

I know its not a pretty picture with all the rub marks but I noticed the quality of this one the first time I saw him wet. Slick shear simmy here!! I will be adding wet pics on the halter to show you what Im talking about.

Meat and Potatoes here. Not freaky anywhere but correct everywhere.

Lot 9 Color me up x DJ Salute/Meyer 734
This is the kind that are so tough to beat at a slick shear county show. Very fault free and honest.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

San Antonio size slick shear prospect - Lot 4 Steerbidder sale

Red Wave x Who Made Who/ Hoo Doo, This one is sound, sound, sound, good colored and smooth as glass.

Rio Grand Valley bound!

They say the little steer show in Mercedes is tough. It may have just got a little tougher!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lot 2 April 8 online sale at

Lot 2 Monopoly x Manchild, August born. Class 6 or 7 at Fort Worth, Overall player in Alabama or Georgia.

Lot 1 April 8th online sale at

We are excited to lead off the April 8 sale with on or the most exciting Houston prospects we have ever offered!! HEF x HW 1st calf heifer. Perfect structure and awesome shape from every angle.

MonopolyxJakes Proud Jazz SOLD!!!!! OYE BOUND!

For sale private treaty - Shorthorn or Crossbred, wont matter much he will be one of the better ones at the show.

Friday, March 14, 2014

New pics of Tu Tone/ Lucky Charm - SOLD!!!!

This one has so much versatility, he could go to Jr Nationals and Denver/FtWorth/Georgia or OYE. He will be krazy haired, he is almost bald in these current pics but the more hair he slips the stouter and softer he gets which makes me think he is a great slick one in the making. This steer works for anyone who wants to own one with great potential!