Wednesday, September 7, 2011

August yellow jacket steer


Remember this guy - He needs a home for Denver!!

Looks like I may be long on Fort Worth steers at the Patton Barn, This one is the most likely Denver candidate of our string. He is weighing 1015 and have had him on hold out of the cooler for 90 days. He's ready to turn loose on feed and get that KRAZY SHAG back. If anyone wants to play hard at Denver he would be fun! 


Congrats to Jayton Cogburn - ACC 1st year customer

Jayton brought his steer over friday for a hoof trimming and we gave him a little hair cut, we were so excited we decided to take him to his first show in Denison on sunday. We had a typicall first show, nervous calf and showman in ring A. but by the time we got to ring D everyone settled in and did their job but "FRIDAY" was washed out and tired. We were very excited with Reserve Grand honors and happy that Judge Mafey looked past the fatigue of our calf. At the back drop he told me there is something special about this calf, I said I wish you could have seen him friday at the barn! If any knows Mafey ask him to look at the barn pic here on the blog. Jayton got a little taste of blood and is working hard and has high expectations for the West Texas fair.

Lot 11 Fort Worth sale 2011


Annie Herring - Palo Pinto Co.

Annie Herring's dad, Scott called and said the dove were flying. So Annie and I had an afterschool hair working and showmanship clinic and she is hard at work getting her Fort Worth ABC ready for the big show. He was a favorite in our Fort Worth sale this past year. Good luck to Annie!
I know she will enjoy more success than her dad and I did on the bird hunt.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Cell phone videos now available for serious inquirys


This is my new buddy from Louisiana!

8 yr old Sara Arbuckle just bought her first show calf today as well she has been my first customer of the fall on our yearling group, she picked him out, washed and blew him clean and her big brother Dustin who's been wanting to learn to clip got a clipping less as we sheared out Sarah's showcalf. They left ready to go to the show and only had to leave $2500 on the desk. If you still need a steer for spring you need to come to Weatherford or I will send pics and as of today I have learned to video and send out from my cell. I hope you can tell by the looks of ol blue here. WE AINT PEDDLIN NO JUNK!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Yearling steers for sale

All pics of Summer and fall steers are posted on face book

980# Heatwave x Who ET steer - Denver or Spring show.

I have a dozen of these June thru October steers for sale, Its been a hot summer and feed is high. i kept this dirty dozen around all summer for a reason...they are each and everyone of them winning kind of steers, some county level and some major level. Prices range from $2000 to $7500. Call the cell phone not around the computer much. 817 304 0507

K-Bar #409

Pic taken Sept 1 - after being turned out in 110 degree heat for 90 days. First bath since June, starting to hair up on his own. Better days to come midlle weight at Denver or Hvy Wt at spring shows. Good Heatwave!

#409 K-Bar Heatwave - July Born - 920#

Photo's taken in May