Tuesday, December 24, 2013

HO HO HO! Merry Christmas state fair feeders!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lookie here, Lookie here! Talk about a surprise in the stocking, I stumbled upon this guy in a pasture last week in Oklahoma. He was weaned late, no creep, no halter until saturday morning and after 3 days in the show barn he is standing there like a show calf. Solid Gold x Kris Black female, born in feb pushing 800# not terrible skinny but not near as pampered as the northern springborns that you bid on all fall. He has lots of come in him and will be 12 o'clock in August. This steer is big haired, square rumped, fat legged, huge ribbed, long strided, clean jointed and great disposition. All he needs is a few more days on the halter, a better hair cut and some more corn. Come Iowa/Missouri beef expo time in 60 days we got a player! Ive got a ride north on I- 44 to Indiana on Jan.8, 2014 but if he needs to get to you before then I will hustle a ride your direction. If you dont have the one in your pen that you wanted heres your chance to own a big time player at a reasonable figure from down south. Call me 817-304-0507

Thursday, November 7, 2013

2012 BIGHORN titanium edition 3 slideouts - $42,999 $343/mo WAC 10% down

$4000 per year in payments and 2nd home tax write off. The benefits are endless! This ol' girl makes a guest house on your property for visitors, a great camp experience at those weekend stockshows or unlimited vacation experiences! Look at the quick books, how much did you spend on hotels last year at the stock shows, for day help around the barn, or work/pleasure travel? This is wholesale pricing and I have 400 RV units to choose from, any size, any budget!

2009 150K, frontier replacements front and rear, new tires, this truck was owned by our personal mechanich. It is immaculate!!


Friday, November 1, 2013

Uno Mas x Strictly Business/ char 2 yr old PHAF/THC

Moderate, soft and incredible structure. Call Tony or Dr Kock for more info!
Dr Koch  816 304 9182

From a little tin can to class A bus, I have access to any and all models at wholesale prices!

2005 Monaco Dynasty 40' Platinum III, 3 slides. 72k miles $119,995.
$950/mo. 20 yr. term WAC
2nd home tax benefits

2012 Ford 4x4 20K miles, leather, loaded up $44,900

I have a source for late model low mileage used vehichles at wholsale cost. I can find any SUV, Truck, Car, Skid Steer, RV or motorcycle. If has wheels I can find it! And my supplier has multiple whosale contracts with dealerships across TX. 350-400 units a month are sold at WHOLESALE.
Check around and see what this truck would sell for at your local used lot. Probably over $50k, feel free to call or e mail with any vehichle needs you might have, We will offer free shipping along I-35/ HWY 81 corridor from Ft Worth to Bellville KS. Cars, trucks, RV's or show steers.

Friday, October 18, 2013

He even looks good taking a s#*t!!!

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Springborn 2013 010

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Oh Lord, It's hard to be humble, when you know your good!

In the recent past I have been a volume steer trader selling consignment cattle and buying steers that had the potential of profit. Presently with my ranching/cattle consulting carreer and other income sources I am in a position to buy/sell those few real good ones that have the poteneial of being winners on various levels of competiiton. With two young daughters coming up and a group of loyal customers that still trust in me, I am still in the game regardless of numbers. This black and white steer is a perfect example of the product I want to put in your barn!
Structure and disposition are two of my top priorites in selecting steers. This guy is broke to lead, been on a halter and in a cooler daily for 45+ days. His phenotype and conformation are near perfect with top shape behind his blades that just gets wider all the way back through his square pin set. He carries shape down through his center and lower quarter. He is perfectly square at the ground with flex in all of his joints, long strided and has awesome rib shape with a neat chest floor. He is wide bodied from end to end with perfect balance from flank to heart. He is long and extended out his neck with just a pinch of loose hide down his throat as a good feeder should be. He has been cosmetically dehorned with a beutiful poll and has a wide brow and square muzzle. The angle from his knee to shoulder is perfect while standing on a big true foot. He is a southern born steer in the hot, humid east Texas region but still has the right kind of hair with nice fuzzy ears. At the same time his shape, balance and transition of muscle is so correct that he is an awesome slick shear project! This pic was taken at 4:30 pm after being on a halter since 8:30 am with no drench or pump full. This guy is an honest, down right, flat good one and I am very proud to offer this kind of steer to a good feeder.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Monday, September 2, 2013

Updated Monopoly pics

Outdoor pics ar late afternoon right out of cooler (empty). Cooler pics taken following am (full)
Video available

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Annie Herring - "Country Girl"

From the climate controled shade tree equipped with fans and 2 porta cools to the afternoon trip to the swimming hole, being a show calf at the Herring ranch aint too bad a life!

September Monopoly x Full Flush ET

This steer was a late find and a non-typical situation. He has only been on feed 60 days, he wasnt weaned til June. For the few number of days on feed he is extremely good in his rib shape and as you can see from front and rear views, he is back topped and monster square assed! Feet and legs are sqare at the ground and he moves out with alot of flex, his neck fires out of shoulder blades like a full flush and his disposition is perfect, hes never pulled on the rope, no fight in him from day one. Ears are fuzzy and undercoat is thick, this one with big hair and 60 more days on feed will be caught up and ready to stand with this fall's best.