Monday, June 13, 2011

Good Monday Morning!

Who wants to go win a show this weekend? I got the bullets to get it done, come see us before validation. 

SOLD!!! Headed to the Belt Buckle then on to Houston!! 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bad luck at Boyd Raceway friday nite

Boyd raceway nicknamed the bull ring is one of the fastest racing surfaces in our area and many of the state and national IMCA points leaders run here, so its usually an elite field of good cars and drivers. This was my first time to Boyd this year so I have to start on the tail of the field, if you race consecutive weekends at a track you draw for starting position in your heat race. I started last in the 8 car heat race and was able to move up to 5th, the track was really heavy and fast. That put me in a 14th starting position for the 20 lap 17 car A feature, I ran my air pressures higher than normal for a feature since the track had so much moisture and grip, I put 2 rounds of spring pressure in the left and took 2 out of the right and added fuel. Usually I adjust 6 rounds on each side for a dry slick track to keep the car from being to free on the slick surface. Tonight is a hammer down wide open tacky track with lots of grip and lots of speed, this usually means alot of cars will get tore up. I took the green flag in heavy traffic and dove to the bottom of turn 4 passing 2 cars before the flagstand on mid straight away one of which was Tom Earl Jr. National Points leader, he always finishes at the front so I knew he would be hard charging to get his spot back. I ran the middle groove early on and was able to avoid a few spinouts in front of me which gained a few more track positions, The setup was perfect and the car was handling great so I decided to try the high side of the track and keep more momentum. I would lift for just a second entering the turn, tap the rear brakes to set the car and start the slide and then you can feel the cushion catch your right rear and keep you from sliding off the back of the track. When you feel that tire bump the cushion thats when you stand on it! Wide open out of the turn down the back straight and repeat the process thru turns 1 and 2, this is known as riding the highline highway it is the longest distance around the oval but the fastest. I had moved up to 6th or 7th position after 2 single file restarts with me passing cars right at the cone on the back stretch. I noticed on the previous lap the car behind me was taking the low line thru 3 and 4 and starting to show me his nose as we went down the front straight so the next time I entered 3 on the highline as usual but in the center of the turn I dove to the bottom of 4 to cut him off before entering the straight. That was successful and we were keeping pace with the leaders and gaining on the lead pack with some lap traffic starting to come into play. Then next time I sailed in 3 and dove down in 4 my competitor and I came out side by side entering the front stretch as he was drifting up closer to the wall he never lifted nor did I and his right side made contact with my front left tire and it was over! I went sliding sideways then head on in to the wall with the right front tire and wheel absorbing most of the impact. I had a bent upper A arm and ball joint as well as a flat tire and bent rim, but i stayed out on the track thinking I could catch the 14 car that put me in the wall and return the favor. The flagmen knew my intentions and black flagged me before I could carry out my plan. I was showed as finishing 11th but the car that put me in the wall finished 4th, I know tonight would have been a top 3 finish but thats racin.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

August Walks Alone

The outdoor picture was taken 6 weeks ago, the cooler pic is current. This one can carry the mail slick or in the hair. $3500

Dallas Angus

This steer was res brithish @ Fall Classic baby show. Needs a good home for Dallas, looks like a winner

Heatwave steer

This one has only been in the cooler for a few days and I was unable to get a relaxed natural photo of him,but you should be able to tell this is a good slick one. K-Bar bred ranch tag 514these cattle have been through their ugly stage and I am proud to have them around as they get better every day. That cow power is good to have with todays A.I. genetics. $4k gets him in a new home.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

These top end steers and promo bull sale today!

The blood work just came back and the Yellow Jacket X HW/Nuf said/angus is double clean! This one will look good in Denver!! 
Bill also purchased these 2 fall born steers The Heatwave is out of a very moderate Carney Man from K-BAR that dont miss. And the -dawg is out of a who/simmy. Both of these have been good from day 1!

Heat Wave x Heat Wave bull - Cow Changer/Showsteer sire - 4 sale

So often the very best ones do not surface or show themselves until the baby bloom or promotional pic period has since past. I would like to see this one standing next to some of the more popular yearling sires at stud. I bet he would be a barn favorite. For sale 1st come 1st serve. $10k

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

August Heatwave son

Great Denver/Ft Worth K-bar bred steer with shorthorn influence on the dam side. This one will be super shaggy! $3500

Monday, June 6, 2011

Come view top end fall borns in our climate controled showroom!!

We have 3 weeks remaining to put steers on feed for the majors in Texas. Do you have the right one's on feed this year? If you thought it was too late to find a good one you were mistaken. I own 40 head of possible champions and premium sale quality steers, the junk has been hauled off this is the good stuff! Aug to Oct, hair or slick, breed steers, black steers, colored steers, I ve got em all and prices range from $2000 to $10,000. Come check out our new cooler and take a champion out of there ready to go show! 

Sept Monoply

This baldy has jackpot steer wrote all over him, he's really cool. $7500

August Monopoly

This one is perfectly constructed, he is pretty much slick with the exception of some fresh leg hair. He has been in cooler for about 10 days and is really turning the corner. This one can be in the top of the class everytime. $10k

Sept Alias x Char

I love this one!! Best slick steer I have to offer, $10k

July Carpe Diem - Ft Worth Contender

This steer is huge boned, good haired. neat chested and kool necked. His hair is about 30 days from being ready for battle but its comin fast. This one needs a home before July 1. He will be in the hunt for a banner in Fort Worth

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Big time August Heatwave - Georgia/OKC steer

This one is fighting a de horn infection and he is body clipped. By Aug or Sept this one will be one of the best ones in the ring this fall! $20k or best offer. This is the most fault free steer AI have touched in many moons. He is a major show champion and will only get better every day of his life.

10 head of 2 yr old angus bulls bred by Express Ranches sired by Money man and Emblazon son

I bought a set of  3 in 1 cows in 2008 from Express Ranches and this is the top end of the bull crop, I made an attempt to sell these last spring but no interest in yearling bulls, they are now 2 yrs old and ready to work.