Saturday, April 30, 2011

950# for sale..............again

I sold this steer 3 weeks ago, but he is still here. Thanks 4 nuthin Welch! You know who you are.... He s shuckin but hes still plenty good!

Thanks to the Brehmer family, Floresville for the purchase of #5!

 This wont be the last time they get picture made with this guy.

Ol' #5 just got shined up for the last time. He's headed for his new home today

Hot Laps begin in 10 hrs and I have a full day of cattle stuff, unless a volunteer mechanic shows up today im not goin racin 2nite

All the graphics have to be put on, oil change, run bolts, and I'm pretty sure that tire shouldn't be facing me with the other one goin straight
Bent spindle, ball joint, and drag link on steering.
 this is what it should look like!

Easter weekend @ the ACC

We had the pleasure of hosting many of our friends and family, over 50 head showed up for lots of food and fun! In attendance were the Beam family, (Jay, Lynette and Josh) Bruns, the Petzolds, my sister and her family from Alabama, My mom and Chaney from Oklahoma and 5 carloads of the Austin's from Oklahoma.
Anytime you can get that many steer traders, inlaws, outlaws, ex's and step kinfolk all together at the same place with no police report or domestic violence is sayin sumpin! 

PT rehab from my back surgery has become quite tolerable!

Not a bad way to start off a saturday, a little poolside devotion starting the day off with the word from our father and a then for some true pasture pool getting the back limbered up for the day!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Remember this trio at Louisville?

Those of you who were at Louisville may remember this pen of 3 feeder steers I had there. They have all been successfully shown, all have different end points and are all for sale. Why buy a 200 pounder in may when you can buy a proven, predictable, showsteer right out of the cooler Ready to Rock!

Monopoly x Pale Face purchased from Sandy

Denver or Fort Worth or OYE??, It's gonna take a minute for this one to get to 1300# but it will be alot of fun along the way. He's freaked out and built to be crippled but he is clean jointed and perfect structured.

Monopoly x total solution - Big Time Major's steer

This steer gives new meaning to the term YAK HAIRED! He is sound as a cat, built great, and with one of the big boys in the business holding the clippers next fall he can look like anything you want him to. This big bellied, sound soft made steer is the perfect candidate for a Revalor S and a little opti flex at the end of the road and with the hair that goes with that we may just have a winner on our hands!

Photo's of Walk's steer taken in Mid January in "full wool"


Walks Alone x WMW ET - Purchased in Jorgensen Fall Sale

This steer looks his best when he is in full wool, he is shucking hair now but will be a player this fall. He has been Hvy wt Div Champ @ Louisville and Fall Classic - Waco.

Monopoly x De Ja Vu Denver/Ft Worth steer


Heatwave xWMW raised by Boyle - Push for KC or Coast into Denver

Baby pics taken mid feb.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kansas city DNA due May 1, 2011

I have several KC steers that are players, price range from $7500 to $15000. I have DNA kits on the way and can send in for buyer. I may or may not post pictures of these cattle, would rather deal direct with serious KC shoppers. Call if you are hunting one that can be fun. All steers are in cooler and ready to show!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

PO cattle for sale Private treaty from $2000 to $4000

Our online auction was a great success with 19 of the 30 lots selling for a fair price to the the benefit of the seller and buyer. However, there are some good kinda premium sale cattle that I couldnt afford to just give away. Call me to discuss any of the steers/heifer pictured. I cosigned cattle to the auction that I thought were worthy of a brand at a major show or winning a county fair. Call me if you are still looking, I have another 40 head in inventory in addition to these!