Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sept Alias steer bred by rushley Bros.

This should be one of the last men standing in those tough classes where the champoins come from. Great disposition as well!

Sept Alias steer bred by rushley Bros.

This should be one of the last men standing in those tough classes where the champoins come from. Great disposition as well!

Bryan Mc Kays new cow checkin rig, I'm jealous!


Oct Bullicious steer

What a gem of slick shear steer! Broke to lead ready to show, bulletpfoof conformation and design. This one wins a county of gets branded at a major. $3000 to the 1st one with a check.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

July Carpe Diem - Fort Worth Polled Hereford

This one weighs 820# and has been on hold, he is another on of the top end fall borns going in the cooler. This one will be in the Hunt at Cowtown.

Monday, May 9, 2011

K Bar 409 Heat Wave

This is another one of the hiqh quality August steers going in the new cooler, for sale private treaty. This one can get ready for Denver/Fort Worth or coast into OYE.

Heatwave x Yellow Jacket

 Updated pics, video coming later this week. Selling 100% posession and 50% semen or he can still be steered.

Wash Rack / Cooler drainage project

This was fabricated to sit in the septic tank a catch hair

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Look what I got for my B day!!!!!!!

After 15 years in buisness with no cooler, I am finally joining the crowd. This tag 2100 Kbar Heatwave son is an example of the good Fort Worth and OYE steers still for sale. He and the others are shucked out and ready for the new cooler to grab another gear and get ready for the summer shows. I have 30 head of fall borns that can play ball at major shows if your not happy with what is in your pen come see me!

Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!

I had the pleasure of having my mom, Landrie and Nae Nae (Mommy to be, Nov 14) all together for a great weekend celebrating my birthday and Mother's Day. Couldnt ask for a better gift than for a Momma's boy like me.

2 wins in a row for my racing teammate / best buddy Sam "Hollywood to the MOFO" Cox

"Hollywood aka MOFO" Cox won the A feature for the second friday nite in a row at Boyd Raceway, this past friday paid $1000 purse! To my homies in the cattle world that dont know Sam and his dad Dwight, they are a huge help in keeping my car on the track. When it comes to wheelin a modified Sam is the largest testicled, lead foot, smooth operator on the dirt, he learned everything he knows from me. (about what not to do) When I had my back surgery Sam drove the cowhide ride so I could stay involved and have something to do while I was layed up. One of the local journalist did a small write up on the pairing of Sam and I and said we were like Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man. Not positive what he meant, but pretty sure he was sayin we r both a couple goof balls that are always jackin with people! Congrats MOFO!! I will get this fwd'd on over to the Hendrick's talent scouts so we can get you in that Driver development program......... Oh nevermind, I forgot u think pavement is for wusssy's that cant drive on dirt!

Friday, May 6, 2011

HELP NEEDED 911!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My caretaker at the Eagle Mtn show barn is boarding a bus at 4 pm today, bound for Mexico. He says for 2 weeks....that means at least 3 to 4 weeks. I need some one to rinse and blow 10 head of showsteers and put in cooler by 9 am then just general house keeping with a lot of slack time til 7 pm, when we resume choring cleaning cooler and turning out @ 8:30 pm. Pays $100/ day and a place to stay. Dont bother facebooking/ e-mailing or any other form of communication other than TEXT @ 817 304 0507

Final stop, Deleon TX. La Paloma ranch, Paul Lettunich family.

I made a project visit on the way home and the steers looked as good as the grass runs! Paul said this are has seen 11 inches of rain in the last 2 weeks. And this is within 30 min of the wildfires that chared PK area. Just south of here 30 miles looks like a drought.

Down the road from the BBQ pit I found me a lil' speed shop and couple race fans to tell war stories with!

If your ever in Brady TX and want to see some kool collectible cars and a ton of NASCAR memorabilia, this is a place to stop. The boys at Wagner's have several "Barret Jackson" type show cars for sale as well as an outside lot of immaculate late model used cars that I assume pay the light bill. If you see anything here you need call Jerry Norvell @ 325 456 6910 or visit wagnermotorco.com. My personal favorites on the wish list were the Bill Elliot early 90's thunder chicken cup car. And the 79 Chevy short/wide, I would have killed for this ride back in the late 80's cruisin around Canadian County!

This place is Famous!! If you ever get near Brady TX make a swing in here!

For those who haven't had the pleasure, let me explain. Those pits are full of ribs, brisket, sausage, beef tenderloin, pork chops, pork loin,  and ocassionally.. Cabrito, quail, dove or Venison back strap! You get in line and they open the lid on the pit and you start pickin out what you like. The will weigh it out when you get inside and then there is complimentary keg beer , peppers/onions, white bread and cowboy beans.

Meet my new friend Charlie Hill.

If sumpum don't change I may be forced to look at Charlie's means of transportation!~
I stopped and talked to Charlie and asked him where he was goin and what for? He simply replied "I'm just goin for a walk." And walk he has.. Charlie started in Mineral Wells in January and went to Witchita falls, then back south thru Graham, Stephenville, Kerrville, and now north again toward San Angelo/Big Spring and plans to be in Almagordo NM by winter where he and a friend are working on establishing a homeless mission there. kmtmission4life.com is the web address and Ken Larson @ 575 442 5668 is the Charlies buddy in Almagordo. 

This beautiful lil "Santa fe" turqouise ranch rocket pulled out in front of me off of a county road, i took pics of the street sign

I think I know a few others guys that live on these 2 streets!
And a few more that should join the community.

An oasis in the desert!

It looks to me like if you are serious about running livestock in these parts you better be able to afford a few of these bad boys!