Tuesday, December 24, 2013

HO HO HO! Merry Christmas state fair feeders!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lookie here, Lookie here! Talk about a surprise in the stocking, I stumbled upon this guy in a pasture last week in Oklahoma. He was weaned late, no creep, no halter until saturday morning and after 3 days in the show barn he is standing there like a show calf. Solid Gold x Kris Black female, born in feb pushing 800# not terrible skinny but not near as pampered as the northern springborns that you bid on all fall. He has lots of come in him and will be 12 o'clock in August. This steer is big haired, square rumped, fat legged, huge ribbed, long strided, clean jointed and great disposition. All he needs is a few more days on the halter, a better hair cut and some more corn. Come Iowa/Missouri beef expo time in 60 days we got a player! Ive got a ride north on I- 44 to Indiana on Jan.8, 2014 but if he needs to get to you before then I will hustle a ride your direction. If you dont have the one in your pen that you wanted heres your chance to own a big time player at a reasonable figure from down south. Call me 817-304-0507

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