Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Congrats to Jayton Cogburn - ACC 1st year customer

Jayton brought his steer over friday for a hoof trimming and we gave him a little hair cut, we were so excited we decided to take him to his first show in Denison on sunday. We had a typicall first show, nervous calf and showman in ring A. but by the time we got to ring D everyone settled in and did their job but "FRIDAY" was washed out and tired. We were very excited with Reserve Grand honors and happy that Judge Mafey looked past the fatigue of our calf. At the back drop he told me there is something special about this calf, I said I wish you could have seen him friday at the barn! If any knows Mafey ask him to look at the barn pic here on the blog. Jayton got a little taste of blood and is working hard and has high expectations for the West Texas fair.

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