Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2 good pics and camera batt went dead!!! 3rd pic cell phone

Final heat steer bred by my buddy,....bull partner....loyal customer,....and consignor,   Lewis Wood, Wood farms Rocky OK.
All of the above is hard to find, good calf, and good loyal friend/business partner.
I invite you to view my upcoming "infomercial" which will be an uncut, un censored,  real time view of me, my ranch, my cattle, and my program. And an opportunity to see every last steer at 604 fletcher rd that is for sale. The good, bad, and the ugly. Clipped, un clipped, skinny, fat, spring borns, fall borns and everything in between. I will even introduce you to my donkeys. Steve and Bobby! I named them after my two twin cousins.... kinda
No pasting together small clips that favor the animal, just an honest view of every last hoof that is here for sale. The footage of the steers will be accompanied by audio commentary and face time from the prettiest, tanned up, bald headed, fat guy you have ever met!!! ....(next to Bobby Maddox)
Get ready for some good cattle, good times, and a whole bunch of hoarsin' around as I take you on a tour of my operation and my show stock that I have for sale. Video shoot is wednesday, March 7th

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