Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'm not scared to do a little tradin'............. most recent - CATFISH!

I have made some pretty kool trades over the years, I traded a steer for my Dixie Chopper zero turn mower that I have now, I've traded for a winning lotttery ticket, traded for semen, traded for material and excavation work, traded a steer for welding and most recently CATFISH!!........ I had a customer stop by on his way home from a Kid Fish event, he had 400# of  farm raised channel cat from 3# all the way up to 16# and these were the really pretty silver gray good lookin cats! His daughter found the steer she wanted but we were still a little ways apart on the $$ so to make up the difference we hauled them cats down to my stock tank, now not only is ACC known to have some of the best steers around, we also have one of the best fishin holes in the county!

Bring your kids and there fishin pole during spring break and we will send you home with a "keeper" from our barn and our fishin hole! 

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